Solid Colors.
Monochrome wallpaper that opens up spaces.

The New Vibrant is Minimalist.
Discover the variety of monochrome wallpaper.

Don't think in black and white! Often, diversity lies in simplicity – and monochrome designs are as understated as they are eye-catching. Single-color wallpaper may seem simple and restrained but reveals its full power on your walls.

Simply Reduced.

And reduced to the essentials! Monochrome designs are not just black and white – and certainly not colorless. Single-color wallpaper is understated but reveals its full power on your wall. They are also perfect if you don’t want to paint: EasyOn® textile wallpaper comes in one piece and beautifies your walls quickly. Instead of a color change, it's a wallpaper change! With EasyOn® Wall from Grand Canvas, your walls shine in new color facets without a brush. Whether it's mint, cream, or cloud: Make it easy for yourself and your walls!

Here's a tip: You can complement these minimalist designs with bold, colorful textile wallpaper to create your own creative wall design! How about a mix of vanilla tones and floral elements like a blooming tulip field? Or let soft autumn colors live next to vintage wallpaper, pastel shades in a wonderful jungle – just to name a few of the Grand Canvas designs. Simply install multiple wallpapers side by side: With our patented mounting system and inflatable tube, it's easy, and you become the designer of your walls… Mix and Match! One more point: Our textile wallpaper boasts high tear resistance, is OEKO-TEX® certified, and produced only on demand. That way, it’s a thumbs-up from nature too!